Just for them Student Organization at Howard changed my life.

What interests me about this program is how involved it is in the youth of the Washington, DC community. To me, the reason why the youth get incarcerated is due to the lack of guidance within their community. It is…

I Loved the Movie Inside out because I feel it put such a complex discussion into a kids movie and is teaching children at an early age the concept of emotion and how to deal with them. This was my surprisingly one of my favorite movies that I have watched…

Understanding Killmonger.

“The greatest superhero films tend to be defined by their villain, not their hero”

The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success, but this was not the case with Killmonger. Wakanda isn’t exactly a utopia. It’s a fictional nation whose politics are…

Shaniyah Frazier

Ideas in Antiquity

Journal 10

Moana Deep Analysis

Watching the Movie For the First Time:

I see why everyone still talks about Moana 4 years later. This movie was everything. From how crisp the image was, to the story line. I loved it. Through out the movie it…

Shaniyah Frazier

Ideas in Antiquity

Journal 9

Pre-Reading the chapter on Sunday:

I am very excited to be reading about Ida B. Wells mainly because I am in love with her! I love what she stood for, what she fought for, and her courage is something I envy. Ida B…


Ideas In Antiquity

Journal Week 8

“In this chapter we look at a fictionalized account of the life of Cyrus the Second (a.k.a., “the Great”), the first king of the Persian Empire, as he is described by the fourth-century BCE Athenian author, Xenophon (written c. 365 BCE).”

Leader in…

Shaniyah Frazier

Ideas in Antiquity

Prof. Sandridge

Journal Week 7

The Normal Heart

I was very excited to read this chapter because it spoke on a topic that I am very vocal about and that is LGBTQ rights. …

Shaniyah Frazier

Ideas in Antiquity

Week 6

On Spotting A Bad Mentee

Reading on Monday and Thoughts:

I like how the chapter starts off with the first female president of Duke University. One, I wondered how long ago did Mrs. Keohane become the first president of Duke University which I…

Shaniyah Frazier

Ideas in Antiquity

Chapter 5


Reading the Chapter Monday:

At the beginning of the chapter, I like how it identifies the five scenarios where we as people are most likely to dehumanize other human beings. The five scenarios are when we have power over them, when we…

Shaniyah Frazier

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